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Short Fiction
  • "Gone to a Creamy Death"
    The Urbanite 11: Strange Nourishment, 1999
      [Urban Legend Press, Davenport IA]
  • "Come to My Senses"
    The Urbanite 10: On Whom the Pale Moon Gleams, 1998
  • "With The Original Cast"
    Midsummer Night's Dreams: One Story, Many Tales, 1998
      [anthology; Rhinoceros Books/Masquerade, NY] – M. Christian, ed.
  • "Love Hz"
    Eros Ex Machina: Eroticizing the Mechanical, 1998
      [anthology; Rhinoceros Books/Masquerade] – M. Christian, ed.
         Sex Machine: Eroticizing the Mechanical [reprint], 2002
         [anthology; Venus Book Club, NY] – M. Christian, ed.
  • "Used to Could"
    The Urbanite 9: Strange Places, 1997
  • "A Fish in Chocolate Cake"
    The Urbanite 8: Strange Entities, 1997
  • "Lunch with Janoscz, the Deconstruction Worker"
    The Urbanite 7: Strange Transformations, 1996
  • "Vessel"
    The Urbanite 6: Strange Fascinations, 1995
  • "Infestation"
    The Urbanite 5: Strange Relationships, 1995
  • "Searching for Sweet"
    The Urbanite 4: Strange Pets, 1994
  • "Hysterical"
    Young Blood, 1994
      [anthology; Zebra Books/Kensington, NY] – Mike Baker, ed.
  • "Touch Black"
    The Urbanite 3: The Search for Happiness, 1993
         Tooth and Nail: Two Stories [reprint], 1995
         [chapbook; Urban Legend Press]
  • "Why the Peach Tree Grows in Stone"
    Daughters of Nyx 1, 1993
      [Ruby Rose's Fairy Tale Emporium, White Salmon WA]
  • "Lee's Own"
    The Brood of Sycorax, 1993
      [anthology; Urban Legend Press] – Mark McLaughlin, ed.
         Tooth and Nail: Two Stories [reprint], 1995
         [chapbook; Urban Legend Press]
  • "Party of One"
    The Urbanite 2: The Party Issue, 1992

  • Essays
  • "The Wondrous 3-D Full-Spectrum Laser Climbometer"
    Bulletin of the Eastern Native Tree Society, Summer 2006

  • "Trysts of a Manaed"
    Guilty Pleasures: True Tales of Erotic Indulgence, 2001 [Black Books, San Francisco] – M. Christian, ed.
  • "Iyuwifatua?: A Fifteen-Year-Old in London"
    The Urbanite #1, 1991

    Book Chapter
  • "Dean's Day Off" [Chapter 9]
    Politics Is Murder: An Iowa Mystery, 2000 [KUNI] – Barbara Lounsberry, ed.

    Selected Articles
  • "Bards abound: We're surrounded by poets in the Quad-Cities" [five-part series] – The Leader [Davenport IA], July – August 2003
  • "Center Stage owner didn't set out to be a dancer"The Leader, May 23, 2003
  • "A sad day in the neighborhood: Q-C remembers Mr. Rogers, 74"Moline Dispatch and Rock Island Argus [IL], February 28, 2003
  • "Michael Blaser: a man of the seas and the Q-Cs"Moline Dispatch and Rock Island Argus, February 14, 2003
  • "The river itself is the main attraction"Moline Dispatch and Rock Island Argus, February 14, 2003
  • "PR Reality Check (and remedies for the shock)"The Library Imagination Paper! [Carol Bryan Imagines, Charleston WV], Summer 1997
  • "Fantastic, No-Nonsense News Releases"The Library Imagination Paper! [Carol Bryan Imagines], Winter 1994

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