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"'A Fish in Chocolate Cake' by Pamela Briggs is my favourite [in The Urbanite #8: Fabulous Creatures]. Her wonderfully observed characters are instantly engaging and the uncanny plot unfolds like a magic trick."
     – Tony Lee, Zene #12

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"Other standouts [in Young Blood] are...two gross-outs [including] 'Hysterical' by Pamela Briggs..."
     – Linda Marotta, Fangoria

"Cool story. I liked it. Very gross."
     – Poppy Z. Brite on "Hysterical"

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"Briggs pulls off a difficult story-telling challenge: creating a dynamic tale out of a bedridden point-of-view character [in "Come to My Senses"]. But she does. Anthea's voice works."
     – James Van Pelt, Tangent Online

Read an excerpt from "Come to My Senses"

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"Tooth & Nail: Two Stories by Pamela Briggs are two reprints by a newcomer to watch."
     – Ellen Datlow, The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Ninth Annual Collection

Get a complimentary copy of Tooth & Nail

"With its twisted look at beauty politics, 'Lee's Own' [in The Brood of Sycorax]...makes for great feminist horror fiction."
     – Miriam Wolf, Factsheet Five

Get a complimentary copy of Tooth & Nail [which includes "Lee's Own"]

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read 'Janoscz' excerpts "The one story that explodes above the rest [in The Urbanite #7: Strange Transformations is] 'Lunch with Janoscz, the Deconstruction Worker' by Pamela Briggs. Breathtaking is one word I'd use...You really gotta read this one!"
     – Jenny B, The British Fantasy Society Newsletter

"Pamela Briggs takes a truly different look at the commonplace in 'Lunch with Janoscz, the Deconstruction Worker.' This is the best story of the issue; it tells its tale quietly and effectively, but ends up taking the reader to a truly weird place."
     – James J. Murray, Tangent

"Another of my favorites from this issue was 'Lunch with Janoscz, the Deconstruction Worker' . . . truly a strange experience . . . The dialogue here is fun to read, more than humorous, and quite clever."
     – Andrea Locke, Deathrealm

Read excerpts from "Lunch with Janoscz, the Deconstruction Worker"

See a synopsis of "Lunch with Janoscz, the Deconstruction Worker"

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