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Visit your local public library. If they don't carry a certain title, they can get it for you from another library. This service, like most library services, is generally free.

To buy books and magazines, please support your local independent bookstores.

Guilty Pleasures: True Tales of Erotic Indulgence [ISBN: 1892723026] (ed M. Christian, Black Books 2001) is available from one of these online sources for new, used, or out-of-print titles.

Politics Is Murder: An Iowa Mystery [ISBN: 0966204131] (ed. Barbara Lounsberry, KUNI 2000) can be ordered online through the KUNI website.

Eros Ex Machina [ISBN: 156333593X] and Midsummer Night's Dreams [ISBN: 1563336790] (both ed. M. Christian, Masquerade / Rhinoceros 1998) can be found through one of these online sources for new, used, or out-of-print titles.

Young Blood [ISBN: 0821744984] (ed. Mike Baker, Zebra 1994) is out of print. Try second-hand bookstores or one of these online sources.

Tooth & Nail: Two Stories includes "Lee's Own" from The Brood of Sycorax and "Touch Black" from The Urbanite #3: The Search for Happiness. You can get a free copy by e-mailing The Deconstruction Zone. Include your name, mailing address, and whether you want it Desecrated (autographed and personalized), Besmirched (just an autograph), or Pristine.

The Urbanite – Try the BBR Catalogue for available back issues.

Daughters of Nyx – Edited by Kim Antieau, this was a wonderful magazine of Goddess stories and mythmaking. You can order the premiere issue (Winter 9994), featuring Pamela's story "Why the Peach Tree Grows in Stone." Supplies are limited. Cover price is $4.50 – mention you saw it on The Deconstruction Zone and get it for $4 postpaid.

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