Pamela Briggs – Bio

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photo: Ajax Berkowitz, 2005 Pamela is an Iowa native. She lives in the Mississippi River Valley where the river flows east to west. Bald eagles come there to fish each winter.

She worked at a public library for 18 years. She's been a reporter or editor for three newspapers and has had diverse freelance writing and editing gigs.

She has a BA in Theatre, and has performed in 43 stage productions. She's appeared in two Italian movies, neither of which she has seen. She sang with Elvis on Velvet, an a cappella quartet, for five years. Her original song "Run Like A Deer" is on their recording Four-Eyed Soul.

third-grade author with Flower, 1970 Pamela enjoys studying the world's languages and cultures. Her favorite creatures include cats, elephants, turtles, lizards, spiders, ants, bees, birds, and bats. She has much awe, respect, and gratitude for trees. In 1990 she initiated paper recycling at her workplace – a small gesture, with much feeling.

Miss Pamela plane by Michael Her grade three evaluation reads, "Pam can write very creative adventure stories. . . Her imagination is well developed, and she is able to use it to her advantage. . . When writing, Pam puts her whole self into it, and really enjoys it." She still writes at a third-grade level.

She is currently working on a novel about a Slavic tree spirit and some humans, with a cameo appearance by a bee.

Three degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon

Pamela Briggs was in
L'Amico d'Infanzia (1994)
with Gary Houston

Gary Houston was in
Proof (2005)
with Hope Davis

Hope Davis was in
Flatliners (1990)
with Kevin Bacon.

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