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literary idols
I hold their writing in deep awe, and they encouraged me personally, bless them.
Ardath Mayhar
Catherine Asaro
Jonathan Carroll
Nancy Holder
Stephen King

supportive writer friends
M Christian
Mark McLaughlin
Rain Graves
Ray Garton
Thomas Roche

HorrorNet Chat compadres
Brian Keene
David Niall Wilson
Feo Amante
John Pelan
Laura Bracken
Mike Oliveri
Tom Piccirilli
talented colleagues
Brian Krans
Michael Romkey
Sean Leary

what makes me laugh

Overheard in New York
The Onion Strong Bad emails Big Bunny The Institute of Official Cheer
Spamusement Making Fiends Muffin Films

Pamela has sponsored children for 21 years through
Christian Children's Fund – they help families of all faiths worldwide.

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MST3K Info Club
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